4.3 - Variations on a Scheme — Nondeterministic Computing

Amb and Search

The new special form amb returns the value of one of the expressions passed to it "ambiguously".

(define (require p)
  (if (not p) (amb)))

(define (an-element-of items)
  (require (not (null? items)))
  (amb (car items) (an-element-of (cdr items))))

(define (an-integer-starting-from n)
  (amb n (an-integer-starting-from (+ n 1))))

Exercise 4.35

Write a procedure `an-integer-between' that returns an integer between two given bounds. This can be used to implement a procedure that finds Pythagorean triples, i.e., triples of integers (i,j,k) between the given bounds such that i <= j and i^2 + j^2 = k^2, as follows:

(define (a-pythagorean-triple-between low high)
  (let ((i (an-integer-between low high)))
    (let ((j (an-integer-between i high)))
      (let ((k (an-integer-between j high)))
        (require (= (+ (* i i) (* j j)) (* k k)))
        (list i j k)))))

(define (an-integer-between low high)
  (let ((i (an-integer-starting-from (+ low 1))))
    (require (< i high))

Exercise 4.36

*Note Exercise 3-69:: discussed how to generate the stream of all Pythagorean triples, with no upper bound on the size of the integers to be searched. Explain why simply replacing `an-integer-between' by `an-integer-starting-from' in the procedure in *Note Exercise 4-35:: is not an adequate way to generate arbitrary Pythagorean triples. Write a procedure that actually will accomplish this. (That is, write a procedure for which repeatedly typing `try-again' would in principle eventually generate all Pythagorean triples.)

Exercise 4.37

Ben Bitdiddle claims that the following method for generating Pythagorean triples is more efficient than the one in *Note Exercise 4-35::. Is he correct? (Hint: Consider the number of possibilities that must be explored.)

(define (a-pythagorean-triple-between low high)
  (let ((i (an-integer-between low high))
        (hsq (* high high)))
    (let ((j (an-integer-between i high)))
      (let ((ksq (+ (* i i) (* j j))))
        (require (>= hsq ksq))
        (let ((k (sqrt ksq)))
          (require (integer? k))
          (list i j k))))))

Examples of Nondeterministic Programs

Exercise 4.41

Write an ordinary Scheme program to solve the multiple dwelling puzzle.



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